Thursday, August 30, 2007

Air conditioner

So I tried to figure out how to replace my old ass air conditioner ever since it was hotter than hell last summer and when I turned it on, a cloud of dust flew out. I asked my neighbor who reminds me of my grandmother. She's got a tiny 1200 BTU air conditioner sitting in the wall where a 15,000 BTU unit used to be. She tried to help by putting me in touch with another neighbor, Maria. Maria's husband removed grandma's old A/C so he can certainly help me remove mine. However, every time I asked Maria about it, she sounded willing but the temperature rose with each passing day and nothing got done. Of course, I wasn't going to start bitching and moaning. I've never lived in a house with A/C before so I'm used to the heat and it's not a paid job so I'm really at the mercy of their spare time. Well, after nearly 3 months of waiting, it was either return the A/C to Lowe's or hire someone. I tried A/C contractors but they said it's too small of a job. I finally found a handyman and he made it look effortless. I'm out $200 but now my house is nice and cool.
I think it's unfair that Q calls this her blog, I mean what about all the other contributers who work hard at their post and publish it. I just feel like the milk has hit the fan with this one ;) I have no idea why I'm posting, I'm just a little mad right now and I need a place to vent but really im talking to myself while im posting this which doesn't make sense maybe I should go rant in FW? Hmmmm

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

where you at baby?

Thursday, March 22, 2007


  • Two hammers striking each other on the head will not break.
  • It is plausible to fire a bullet into the cylinder of another gun.
  • It is impossible to fire a bullet through a sniper's rifle scope and hit him in the eye.
  • It is plausible for two bullets fired directly at each other to fuse in mid-air.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Resident Evil 4

Last night, I died once cuz I wasn't fast enough on the buttons to dodge a zombie swinging an axe. That makes a total of 6 deaths so far. The other times were from dodging a runaway boulder and playing 1 vs. 100 in the first town. The part that really bothers me is that Leon never seems to do what I need him to do before it's too late and so the zombie takes a hack at me. What really pisses me off is when I run up to a dazed zombie to finish it off and instead, I end up in its arms about to get bitten.

Rainy Days

I will never get used to the rain here. Today was "rainy" which meant I needed my wipers on... that is - on intermittent, level 1. OOOooooooooOOOoooo. Look out. Several drops of water ahead. Please consider using your wipers.

I miss "real" rain. Thunderstorms. Humidity. Power outages.

Nobody really wants to scavenge for a candle and match out of necessity. And yet, I'm wistful. I miss using a rainy, powerless day as a good excuse to curl up with a good book on the porch swing at Mom's. I miss the excuse to swing with my eyes closed and just listen to the low rumble of thunder and the pop-crack of lightening. I miss the heavy smell of the storm. The warm-cool breeze.

I miss home, I think. I wish I had appreciated it sooner.

Rainbow Theory

I thought I would start my first blog post ever by sharing my Rainbow Theory.

Did you ever really wonder how rainbows are made? And not all that water droplet/atmospheric diffraction nonsense either.

Rainbows are made when you put stuffed animals on the dash or rear deck of your car. You know how they all turn white over time. That's because all the color molecules are knocked loose over time by the sun. Being lighter than air they escape each time you open your door or window, collect up in the sky and form rainbows when atmospheric conditions are right.

Now you know.